In-House vs. Outsourced IT

In-House vs. Outsourced IT Services

It’s nice to have an IT staffer in house who has intimate knowledge of your business, your network and your needs. However, few professionals are experts in all areas. And those who have the requisite skills don’t come cheap. No individual can be available 24×7 either. For many small and medium-sized businesses, outsourcing can be a better solution. Weighing the benefits of both can help you determine which option, or even a combination of the two, is best to serve your business.

Inhouse vs Outsourced IT Solutions

In-House IT Solutions

Turn to CNI Consultants for the guidance and expertise that results in smart decisions and best-practice processes. We help you:

  • Solidify your disaster recovery strategies. We design the processes and purchase the systems that protect you and your critical data and files 24×7.
  • Deploy innovative, best-practice, firm-focused IT strategies and project planning. Reach your goals and objectives, and keep a tight rein on project costs and schedules.
  • Streamline software and hardware implementation and administration. We guide you to the most practical methodology for planning, executing, testing and maintaining your software.
  • Instill confidence through continual security auditing and threat assessment, as well as prevention and remediation. We make sure your data is safe from unwelcome eyes.
  • Build the best team to keep things up and running. We help you research and write job descriptions, and find the right people to fill those positions.

Outsourced IT Solutions

Turn to CNI Consultants to take on some or all of your IT challenges. We help you:

  • Deploy an expert IT strategy that establishes well-researched and validated IT goals and objectives. Once established, those goals become a critical part of our Service Level Agreement (SLA).
  • Experience the cost efficiencies of the cloud, either on its own or as a hybrid solution. We deploy the right architecture for your firm’s technology profile.
  • Ensure the optimal server environment by collocating your servers within our state-of-the-art data center or a data center provided by one of our Infrastructure or Platform as a Service (IaaS or PaaS) cloud solution partners.
  • Maintain peak network performance without lag or latency. We monitor the network 24×7.
  • Guarantee regulatory compliance through continuous auditing and reporting.
  • Take advantage of the benefits of virtual environments, such as VMware® and Hyper-V®. That’s a great way to lower costs and ensure scalability for growth.
  • Safeguard that no event – natural or manmade – creates a loss of your clients’ data. Our backup and disaster recovery systems ensure a rigorous and carefully monitored backup process.
  • Confirm your Internet voice infrastructure is operating flawlessly around the clock. We’ll procure, provision and manage your VoIP environment.
Expert IT services when you need them most.