Call Center IT Support

You Take on Your Call Center. We Manage IT.

Call centers need IT solutions that provide minimal downtime with business continuity, infrastructure design to keep up with changing technology, and 24×7 monitoring and support. CNI Consultants’ experience with multiple platforms provides your call center with support for these solutions. Whether you need additional IT support for your in-house team, or need us to handle it all, we work with you directly to make sure your call center is running on flexible and reliable technology systems and getting a better return on investment (ROI) faster. Ultimately, we help you achieve peace of mind by making your life easier because we have the relationships with platform providers, telephony integrators, national user groups and leading manufacturers of supporting equipment and software.

Our call center support is designed to efficiently boost continuity and reduce downtime, while also helping you minimize costs. We can help you plan, integrate, deploy and manage your call center solution.

CNI Consultants’ Call Center Support Services

 On-premises & off-site backup technologies

 Redundant database access

 Data center infrastructure equipment

 Power management & distribution

 Unified communications

Remote office/agent connectivity

 Wireless & mobile device connectivity & access

 Disaster preparedness & recovery

  24×7 monitoring & help desk

 Data & talk path wiring

 Agent application support

  Knowledgeable in call center technologies (database access, switching, voicemail & dispatching)

  Experience with call center infrastructure (generator, dedicated circuits, fire & security)

  SIP routing

 Network security

  Qualified on multiple call center platforms (Startel, Onvisource, Cadcom, Amtelco)

  Support all levels of call center IT

  Troubleshoot infrastructure issues with platform providers

 Telephony industry specific equipment

Benefits of Our Call Center Support Services

Call Volume

The activity at your call center is fast and furious. You can’t have downtime while call center technology challenges are being addressed. At CNI Consultants, we understand when it’s best and appropriate for us to resolve system issues and when it’s not due to high call volume.


At CNI Consultants, we know your systems need to be in sync at all times. That means servers, workstations and platforms are completely timed to work in unison. If a server is just two seconds off, you can experience catastrophic consequences at the call center. Your efficiency is lost as reporting, billing and general operations are compromised.

Cost Effective

CNI Consultants’ call center support doesn’t require any upfront expenditures. You choose the support services you want and pay for only those that you need. This is more cost-effective because the IT spending is lower, and this results in a better return on your investment.


CNI Consultants’ support for call center solution operations can be easily scaled up or down, depending on your business requirements. For on-premise systems, more hardware and software may be required to handle an increased call flow. Similarly, if the call flow drops, it can result in unused resources that cost your business money.

Around-the-Clock Availability

CNI Consultants understands the critical implications if your call center has downtime. You must have 24×7 uptime to work efficiently and productively. That’s why we are available 24×7, including holidays, and we are always just a call, text or email away from helping our call center clients.

It’s time to get your business technology managed by experts.