Advertising & Media IT Support

You Take on the Market. We Manage IT.

Ad agencies use every class of technology – software, hardware and networks. You use high-powered hardware and large, computing-intensive applications for creating and editing huge files. You use fast networks to send and secure those files and connect to repositories for controlled collaboration. You also use big data, running and analyzing complex, multimedia campaigns and mining customer information for targeting those campaigns. All of that technology needs people to keep it running. CNI Consultants installs, updates and tests to ensure they integrate with all your existing software. Hardware goes through the same process. Each desktop, server, network appliance or whatever it might be has to be expertly installed, maintained and repaired. Networks are in the mix: you’re sending huge files that have to reach their destination fast and without error or attack.

Nowadays, Chief Marketing Officers spend more on tech than Chief Information Officers. Together, they’re becoming marketing technologists thriving during a new surge in technology. What a balanced and powerful partnership this is.

Advertising & Media Agency IT Challenges

Rigid Guidelines

The volume and variety of data imposes significant responsibilities and requirements on the agency. That encompasses many disciplines, including version management, rules and permission setting, storage and archiving, plus more. CNI Consultants helps keep you on task.

Custom Solutions

Your technology profile is unique and boutique. Your need is not for commodity systems and equipment, but rather specialized applications that require equally specialized desktops and servers. CNI Consultants delivers customized strategies and implementations to keep you efficient.

Business Continuity

Your business constantly pulses across networks, sometimes without stopping. That network must always be operational, and always at peak performance. CNI Consultants keeps you up and running smoothly.

Budget Adherence

Your operational budget is where profit is built. The lower it is, the more revenue you keep. Whether you run IT in-house or through a managed services provider, doing it well directly hits the bottom line. CNI Consultants helps keep revenue and cost in balance.

Benefits of Our Advertising & Media IT Support

  Email Hosting

  Enhanced system security

  Help desk support

  IT consulting

Managed email defense against spam & viruses

  Disaster recovery

  Cloud solutions

  Server management

  IT strategy

  File sharing & backup

  Performance monitoring

  PC & Mac support

  Reduce overall time spent on IT

Applications We Support

  Windows, Mac OS, Linux

  Software as a Service (SaaS)

  Cloud or Premise-Based CRM

  CorelDraw, Paint Shop Pro

  Cumulus Digital Asset Management

  Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

  Email Management

  Campaign Management

  Apple Final Cut Pro

  Media 100

  Font Management Tools

  FrontPage/Expression Web, Visual Studio.NET, SQL Server

  Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Premier, AfterEffects, Bridge)

It’s time to get your business technology managed by experts.